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I started using Zen organics lavender dual-action massage cream shortly after it arrived on the market an in our local store here in Austin. That's a long time ago! I am so completely happy with it that I would never think of using another product. I sought it out as I was unhappy with other leading brands and I wanted an organic product without preservatives for both me and my clients. The cream has lasting power, beautiful glide and works wonderfully with cupping. My clients always ask what kind of cream I use as they notice a nice moisturizing silkiness without oily residue, and my hands love it too.



Thank you so much for your incredible business. You guys are great!I have used your products since I graduated from massage school 8 years ago, and I absolutely love them. I find the Zen Organics products to have just enough grip and glide to be exactly what I need in my sessions for clients, whether I am doing lighter Swedish or deep tissue work. I have always been impressed by how quickly I receive an order in the mail after placing it, and love that I can use the lotion for all my clients-- whether they have skin sensitivities or not! Thanks for your incredible business, and for maintaining such quality and integrity in both the items you sell and the customer service you provide. I love your products!

Amber Roth

I have been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon for 10 years and have switched over to using only zen organics lotions and creams in my practice. I find that the dual -action massage cream allows me to easily sink into the depth I choose to work with a perfect amount of glide. I find it actually makes my strokes 'smoother' and I do use a lot less then I have with previous brands. I use the unscented and blend in my own essential oils depending on my clients needs. I love that I can work on a different part of the body and then come back and not have to reapply more lotion. It makes my hands feel great too. Great product line. I would highly recommend it!

Ema Koziatek LMT

Eight years ago, I began my career as a massage therapist. I had a couple of massage creams I enjoyed working with, but one of my clients complained that his skin felt itchy after our sessions. After researching ingredients in my products, I was horrified to see that known skin irritants were used in massage creams!

Zen organics passed the safe ingredient test; I made the switch and I've been extremely happy with the nut free unscented massage cream and lavender massage cream. I also find zero below is great to use on clients after deep work and the peppermint foot cream continuously lives on my shelf.

Besides the ingredients, the cream is a great product for deep work. It doesn't stick like other products I've tried. I do a lot of MFR, NMT and deep tissue massage and zen organics works best!

Pam Christenson

I would like to sing some praises about Zen Organics. I have been using Zen Organics at the suggestion of a Massage School teacher back in 2006. Around the same time, Massage Therapy Journal had run an article about "weird symptoms" cropping up for massage therapists, which turned out to be cumulative effects from the lotions they used. ( I remember specifically this concerned Biotone, (before they had added organic products) which sealed the deal for me in insisting upon Zen Organics. I have worked at a number of large spas that feature or featured Zen Organic products proudly, and have insisted upon its use in my own private practice.

I store the dual-action cream in the fridge to lengthen its lifespan, however I've never noticed mold, or even product breakdown (unless it got to hot, so I ensure it stays out of the sun). I have had tremendously positive results during these 10 years with your products, being as it blends well with essential oils and works well for effleurage or deep tissue.

Due to my and my clients' high satisfaction with your products, I will continue to be sold on Zen Organics.

Thank you kindly for your consideration,

Cynthia Bakke, Colorado LMT

I have been a massage therapist for 32 years & have tried dozens of massage lotions & creams over the years. I have to say your massage creams are the best I have ever tried. I haven’t used anything else for years because they deliver in every way. The consistency is great for having a smooth glide but still works great for deep tissue work. The scent of both the lavender & bergamot creams are heavenly. I also more than appreciate the natural, non-toxic nature of your products. Thank you.

Christine Rovere

I have been doing massage therapy for 10 years now, and I discovered the Zen Organics line about 4 years ago I think. Before that I used Biotone Dual purpose massage cream, but was looking for something else that worked the same but with fewer ingredients and organic.

I found that in Zen Organics. Since I found it I have used nothing else, and my client constantly comment on the smell and the feel of it. I have actually referred several of them to buy their own for personal use. I love the lightness of it, the durability, and the essential oils added. It serves all my different styles very well, especially neuromuscular therapy where I need to be able to pick up the specific muscles and release them.

Since using this massage cream, I have turned 3 others therapists onto it who now swear by it too! Thanks Zen Organics for making such a wonderful line of products and for your attention to organic sustainable production and to your customer.

Diana Adair, RMT, CNMT, BCST

I tried Zen Organics a little over 3 years ago and I have been using it on my clients ever since. I absolutely love it. I usually purchase the bergamot and orange dual action cream which has a very mild pleasant scent that does not seem to leave my clients with a greasy feeling. It has a superior glide while only requiring a small amount of lotion. As a matter of fact I have used my current bottle on approximately 90 clients and I still have about 1/4 of a jug left. I estimate that to average out to about an oz. or maybe a little less per client. Thank you Zen for making such an awesome product.

Betsy Kumler

Hey Thomas! I've been using your products exclusively for almost 6 years and couldn't be happier! As an RN and massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage, it is very important that the products I use with my clients are the most pure and unscented during the sensitive time of pregnancy. I love the feel of the Dual Action Massage Cream while working using a variety of techniques. And I love love that there is literally NO SCENT as I'm very sensitive to smells myself. My clients love the products too and have even ordered some for themselves to use at home.

Thanks for all you do,


Brandie Mitchell, RN